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Join Us
We need you.
It's simple as that. We need information on what's happening in the place you live in London and hope to find some people to join our project.
Is it you?

London Daily is a new way to make a news site.
We want to make a team of persons who like to write about London,
who need a place to publish their thoughts about it.
We need four or five persons with talent to observe and report
what's happening in the borough they live, in their streets.
London Daily is a site about London - all London, not only the Thames area. We want to report on every part of it.
... We also need a photographer with an eye for interesting matters, who can scan and save his photos in JPEG format. He and the reporters should send us the works by e-mail weekly. contact us today. ... We have no money to offer, but everything you do will be published with your name in it. And when we become profitable, the profits will be shared among the staff.

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